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The Wands Transport You To The Swinging 60's With Their debut 'The Dawn'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Pressing play to The Wands debut album “The Dawn” I’m transported back to the psychedelia of the late 60’s where cool, dreamy, hazy music originated from. The Wands are a rock duo from Denmark who have kindly shared their cool, quirky and nostalgic sound from across the channel.

With the first track “Sound of the Machine” immediately throwing the keyword 'Woodstock' into my head, it’s clear this band are heavily influenced by 60’s psychedelic and acid rock. With the haziness coming into the bridge of the track this acid rock song holds a deeper tone that drones and echoes against the vocals ultimately making it a great first track to the album.

The Dawn as a whole is a brilliant debut album for The Wands with an experimental and dreamy sound, the band do an incredible job of showcasing their unique talent. The electric guitar throughout the album is pivotal portraying an old school sound that is refreshing to hear in this modern era, with flamboyant riffs and an echoing vocals that aren’t however showcased as much as the music itself. The Wands for me are a band that aren’t necessarily about the voice but the music, as it's so on point and mind blowing I feel I could just listen to them jam for hours.

The final track of the album is ‘The name of the Mountain’ which I feel is great for a closing song and is almost like an encore, not only because it's 7 minutes long but throughout the track the guitar and piano build up to a strong finish. With the collective of instruments coming together simultaneously the jam is uncontrollable on the body with the automatic reaction to be arm reaching, head shaking and bodies swaying... and that’s just in my room. For this album to be seen live would be incredible and I don’t doubt The Wands would be awesome.

The Wands album 'The Dawn' is out now.

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