REVIEW album Solar Twin Pink Noise

Solar Twin Brings Pink Noise

Pink Noise

Solar Twin

Haunting all the way... is 'Pink Noise' the debut album from Shane Tutmarc’s latest project Solar Twin where this singer & lyricist has turned his tragedy into a sad but beautiful story of songs. Using sound, music and vox to communicate the emotions - angelic, melancholy, innocent, ghostly, dramatic and filled with harmony.

Shane Tutmarc aka Solar Twin is a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist originally from Seattle but now calls Nashville home. His songs are haunting, layered vocals and intricate sounds about the emotional trials that accompany life, loss, romance, relationships and how to survive and remain hopeful. Each track grows and grows until it ends, and whispers, "Come back and listen again".

On the first single and video, "Slow Motion" you will find dark yet beautiful pop arrangements and on the song "True Colors" Shane invited long-time friend Sammy Barrett to share the vocal duties while he plays every instrument on the track. "Black Sky Revisited" has a harder feel with vocoder vocals, heavy guitars, and a 60’s rock vibe feel. "The Big Sleep" was penned specifically for the closing credits of a documentary that focuses on the heroin epidemic on Seattle's streets.

Tutmarc has been honing his craft as a musician and songwriter over the last decade. But with Solar Twin it sounds like he has found his true sound. Recorded in his home studio, Shane got a little help from his friends, Matthew Hoopes of Relient K, Zach Ryan, and Sammy Barrett.

Pink Noise is sweet and pleasing yet dark, meditative and moody.