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The Birth Of "Crunk Punk"



What would you expect to hear from a tatted, pierced, half shaven-head dude dressed in all black? Crunk Punk rap. Out of all the music I come across I have never seen or heard anything like Manganelli. His vocals are energetic, his production is off the wall crazy and trippy and when it’s all combined together you get a crafty sound. Manganelli is far from a mumble rapper. His voice commands your attention, his punchlines are on point.

When I listen to his single “Sauce” I put on my headphones, turn the volume up loud and close my eyes and I envision an out of control mosh pit and thousands of people jumping in unison rapping every word with Manganelli. This guy has star power, his own swag doing music his own way. I have to say congrats! Manganelli birthed a new genre, the birth of “Crunk Punk”.