REVIEW album New Sincerity Works Wonder Lust

Lust, Lore & Love

Wonder Lust

New Sincerity Works

Through a series of 10 indie rock and power pop songs, New Sincerity Works’s latest album ‘Wonder Lust’ tells a rich story of lust, lore, and the exact moments someone falls in and out of love.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, this indie pop band uses synths, guitars and a warm production to their advantage, creating a melancholic mood that shows regret and disdain for the past, but hope for future love.

Each track introduces a new “scene” or chapter in the lead singer’s story: he was once in love with who he thought was his one and only, but he sadly realized, over time, that they were too different to start a life together.

‘I’ve Got You,’ the album’s first track, begins with a smooth 80s pop sound. It immediately switches to a guitar solo, followed by singer Mike Tittel opening his story of how much he loves this person. His voice is solid, showing no doubt that he wants to spend his life with them. This song was the perfect choice to lead ‘Wonder Lust’: it may remind you of the first scene in a classic romantic film.

‘Love To Love The Love,’ is the second chapter of Tittel’s story. Singing the lyrics “you forgot your keys… you forgot to say please,” he questions whether his love is unrequited. This song isn’t as peppy as ‘I’ve Got You’; the acoustics and percussion play at a much lower key, showing that although he’s wanting to believe his lover is a soulmate, this person isn’t sure how they feel about him.

‘Hearts Transplanted’ concludes the story: Tittel accepts that his love interest doesn’t return his feelings. The guitar strings at the track’s introduction sets the tone for melancholy, a look back on a love that never truly was. Tittel’s vocals spell sadness, while the keyboards in the background accompany the lingering promise for mutuality.

‘Wonder Lust’ is out now via Butter Records.

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