REVIEW album Daniel Verstappen Soulmate (Single)

International Composer And Performer Has His 'Soulmate'

Soulmate (Single)

Daniel Verstappen

Twenty-seven year old Daniel Verstappen is a native of Belgium and is an international pianist, composer and performer. Daniel has toured throughout Europe alongside world class artists and composers such as The Night Of The Proms, Brussels Philharmonics, Hooverphonic, Bocelli, Ennio Morricone, Seal, Anastacia, Gloria Estefan and a number of others.

Daniel’s latest single “Soulmate”  was released on the 20th of October 2017, and showcases his extraordinary talent as a musician and his ear for fusing varying music styles. It is very much a track that shows the true potential of blending electronic and classical sounds to connect audiences. The lush piano keys seamlessly weave into punchy electronic beats that create an epic sounding song that demands to be heard. Some of the sounds are even reminiscent of Ludovico Einaudi.

Daniel’s classically-trained piano skills truly shine here, the beautiful melody of “Soulmate” flows throughout and builds to a fierce climax that must be incredible to hear live. “Soulmate” plunges the listener into an immense orchestral production that spans classical and contemporary sounds while retaining a kind of raw emotion to it.

By bringing classical and electronic dance styles together here in “Soulmate” he has created an exquisite symbiosis of the two genres that prove his true craftsmanship as an artist.

I can’t wait to hear more releases from Daniel in the not too distant future and to see how his unique style and sound develops over time and whether he will incorporate new elements into this already excellent mix of styles.