Shpongle Release Their 6th Studio Album



It's been 20 incredible years of psychedelic sound surfing with Shpongle and now we finally arrive at the magical maestros' 6th studio album, a visionary volume entitled 'CODEX VI'.

'CODEX VI' is a cosmic collection of mystical music from Simon Posford and co-pilot Raja Ram in which their elucidation of hallucination reveals once again, a seemingly effortless mastery of inter-dimensional audio.

Simon and Raja are known and loved all around the globe for creating the ultimate psychedelic soundtracks to our lives and 'CODEX VI' is a fantastic further installment in the epic audio adventures of the Shpongle story.

After decades of virtuoso voyaging, Shpongle have delivered what is undoubtedly their finest masterpiece yet.

After Simon Posford's sell out Shpongletron tour of the US in October 2017, the full band are preparing for some huge live concerts in 2018 and something spectacular for 2019. I invite you to share the inner secrets of the 'CODEX VI' formulae and get a direct download of illuminated inspiration which will leave you seriously Shpongled!

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