REVIEW album D.J. Rice The Hangover

D. J. Rice And The Payin' Dues Blues Band

The Hangover

D.J. Rice

I was absolutely surprised when I took a listen to “The Hangover”. DJ Rice and the band made this album with every taste of music in mind. Where I was expecting to hear a full blues album I was hit with some funk, some R&B, ballads and country, yes I said country too.

It’s rare that you would find one band that’ll give you so many flavors on one album and deliver it this well. This band is full of jacks of all trades. I was hooked 45 seconds into the first song. I could only imagine what D.J. Rice and the band would look like performing so I decide to search the web for any live performances and then I stumbled onto a performance on Youtube and was blown away. D.J. Rice is a pure showman and gives you an amazing live blues, rock, funk experience.