REVIEW album Gigi Cesare Valentine (Single)

The Perfect Song For Love

Valentine (Single)

Gigi Cesare

When I think of artists who have created songs that are timeless and will always fit a certain theme, I think of Christina Perry’s '1000 years', John Legend’s 'All of me' and now Gigi Cesare with 'Valentine'. This song has the potential of being the backdrop for future valentine proposals.

Gigi has a fresh unique sound and has captured that feeling of young love in this song. When you then accompany this with the debut video showcasing her on screen performance, you see that she is the full package and a true professional. This song has radio appeal and is sure to be a teen anthem for valentines to come. If you close your eyes and listen to this song you think of a love story that are most often told in the movies, where girl meets guy and they are trying to figure it out, while this unspoken vibe is bringing them closer and closer. If any movies are looking for a song that screams YOUNG LOVE , Gigi has the perfect song for you.