REVIEW album Rahn Anthoni I'll Trust You (Single)

Soul Healing Music

I'll Trust You (Single)

Rahn Anthoni

Soul music has such an impact on your being that it can only be described as soulful or soul felt. Rahn Anthoni has a story that would rock any decent person at their core and he shares this story in his song “I’ll Trust You”. In the honor and memory of his son. Rahn sings how special his son is and through everything he and his family went through, Rahn has found the strength to trust in a higher power. Anyone who has gone through a great loss will relate to this song. When you research the Aaron Hatcher story and hear the backdrop of what motivated this beautiful tribute, it will bring you to tears, and yet Rahn's voice, tone and delivery of every word is calm and soft spoken.

If you can get through the pain of losing a loved one and just trust that there is a bigger plan, I’m sure you too will feel the peace that Rahn’s voice gives off. This song can apply to any hardship or grievance and is a masterpiece. While listening I too had to reflect on some unsettled emotions and this song brought over a calmness that can only be brought through a divine instrument and that is Rahn Anthoni. He has delivered soul healing music.