REVIEW album Miles Casella The Sidewalk Flower

Hip-Hop, Blues With A Side Of Jazz

The Sidewalk Flower

Miles Casella

Miles Casella’s album 'The Sidewalk Flower' is a melting pot of goodness. It’s a very easy listen which is refreshing in the age of trap rapping. The lyrics are just as smooth as the production on this album. I was real impressed with all of the tracks even Jill's interlude, which was amusing. This album reminds me of something I might hear playing in a college coffee shop or indie clothes/skate shop.

The video for “Hey Fine” is very organic and displays a real cool jazzy track with Mike displaying his rap/singing type style. My personal favorites are the title track “The Sidewalk Flower” and “White Mama” where Miles shows he has many styles and rides the beat like a Nascar driver on a track.

Miles delivered a classic, unique album and is worth a listen. To sum this project up it is hip-hop, blues with a side of jazz. Thank you for putting out this album, it’s a breath of fresh air.