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T-Rexz Is Producing Healing Music



There are few Hip-hop artists these days that use their platform to shed a light on social issues. T-Rexz is separating himself from the pack with “Left Alone” featuring Alicia Seymour of Trackset Records.

This song talks about the road of mental illness and depression a subject that is not talked about enough in the urban community. From the first piano note played you are immediately captured by the Dirty Bakerz produced beat, if there were ever a perfect marriage of music and message “Left Alone” is it. Then Alicia Seymour lent her talents to this work of art detailing the lonely, cold road of mental issues as she sings beautifully "This road has never been so dark, I don’t remember how I got here.”

Only a seasoned artist can craftly explain the issues that would plague a stressed mind and heart. Just from T-Rexz’s voice tone I can tell this is an issue that he and many others know too well. The video just took this song to another level, T-Rexz is in an abandoned church giving you a first person, viral view of such a damaged holy place. The scenes perfectly match how a person would feel dealing with this. Kudos to T-Rexz for bringing attention to this and allowing his fans to find healing threw his music.