REVIEW album J-Rob MD High Fives And Thumbs Ups (EP)

Bass Excess

High Fives And Thumbs Ups (EP)

J-Rob MD

Is it true, did J-Rob MD really just drop another atomic bomb of bass into my ear drums, only a few months after his debut record release 'High Fives and Thumbs Ups'? I swear this guy is half IBM Watson super computer because he does not stop, ever, except maybe to plug in and recharge for a few minutes before attacking the turn tables again (DJs use turntables to produce the musics right?).

In his sophomore album release 'Bass Excess', Dr. J-Rob treats our ailments with five tantalizingly different tracks, ranging from the vocal lullaby of 'Footprints on the Moon' to the symphony of hospital sounds in 'Music is Our Medicine', an aptly titled song about the resuscitating properties of a dope beat. The song itself reminds of me of Dr. Mario, and I love that video game.

My favorite song of the album, hands down, is the hypnotic acid lollipop treat called 'Secret Party In My Mind', a 360 second journey that brings you full circle from shakey sobriety to a reality doubting mind melt. No joke, I have this song on repeat now as I stare into the wall, melting images together out of the textured shapes embedded in the paint, dancing to the secret party in my mind. Do you ever do that? Oh you haven't lived yet then. Listen to this song and maybe you will.

They say the opposite of good is better, but J-Rob MD says shut the hell up and take what the doctor ordered. And that's a healthy dose of Bass Excess. Thanks a lot Dr. J-Rob, you officially have me addicted to the opioids of your music.

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