REVIEW album Lingo Jonez Sample For The Streets

Lingo Jonez The Trap Soul Prince

Sample For The Streets

Lingo Jonez

While listening to my local station here in North Carolina a song came across the radio that I haven’t heard before. The song caught my attention because it was a fresh sound, the artist sounded different, he wasn’t overly auto tuned and the song fitted the right mood as I was riding with my lady. I called the station and asked who the artist was and that's when I discovered Lingo Jonez.

Lingo has a catalogue of music that is hot!!!!!! From the club to the bedroom. I also was able to check out his videos and see he has a very large following. The song 'Ace Boon Koom' needs to be played on a regular, although Lingo has quite a few songs that would shake up the music industry. His mixtape “Sample For The Streets” left me hungry for more. I also have to warn the fellas you will have to watch your ladies drool over him. Lingo is the total package and I urge you to give him a listen as he will not disappoint. The Trap Soul prince is here!!!