REVIEW album Emily Watts All These Years (EP)

Emotional State Of Affairs

All These Years (EP)

Emily Watts

Talent is the first word that comes up when listening to this brand new EP from Emily Watts. Unlike the previous recording this one truly adds to the sound with extra instruments, beats making this a lot more powerful. If you are up for an emotional roller coaster then this is one for you. Each song has a mix of emotions pulling you along behind them and this is one amazing skill to have.

Emily's vocals are just outstanding and faultless, they beat straight into your heart and stay there for every one note. Her beautiful skills on the piano make her not just a musician but an artist of an outstanding calibre.

The five tracks are all unique and you can't place any of them, they are between acoustic and pop, or maybe some modern jazz with a twist of folk. It is so nice to just listen to music which you can't label in a genre.

My favourite track has to be 'Fires', this is an amazing song, so well written and executed, it feels strong all the way through. But it is hard to just pick one, I go by the goosebumps scale, but with the differences in each track there is something for everyone I feel. Like the Jazz trumpet in final track 'Island'.

A great EP from start to finish, top marks all round. Emily Watts is someone to keep an eye on as the growth from the last release to this one is amazing.

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