REVIEW album Low Boy Noise Kings Of Chaos (Single)

May King Noise!

Kings Of Chaos (Single)

Low Boy Noise

Formed to negate any potential aftermath caused by the departure of their lofty drummer The Gentleman Bull; two-thirds of the erstwhile Mr Flee’s Mysterious Blues Experience: guitarist/singer Kevin S. Flee and bassist Liam Cubes brilliantly utilise the now-acceptable garage band guitar/drums format with their latest venture Low Boy Noise. They continue to churn out big molten slabs of no holds barred extrovert noise-rock.

Listening to the two-and-a-half minute self-referential debut single ‘Kings Of Chaos’ - with Liam now on drums - ‘80s American hardcore bands such as Black Flag and Green River are immediate touchstones. The track, which also has shimmery shoegaze guitar, embodies the pre-internet no-frills necessity of a 7” single-side, living in the landlocked Mid-West circa ‘85. Impressive considering that Low Boy Noise were children at the time of such seminal impact!

But nostalgia doesn’t fit the bill. It is all about a ‘sensual’ need. I haven’t heard anything as raucous and contemporaneous for 25 years!