REVIEW album Wyfy Take Me Out The Game (Single)

Wyfy Is Healing Through Music

Take Me Out The Game (Single)


Wyfy is a talented artist with a story to tell. He is using his past experiences and new enlightenment to help lead people to a better way. His music is heavily based in religion with a cross over appeal.

The video I reviewed was “Take Me Out The Game”. I loved this video. It showed Wyfy telling his story and clips of different generations gathered to hear his message. What I loved most is seeing the children being impacted by Wyfy.

You can tell by the passion in Wyfy’s voice and the expressions of his on screen performance that he is the real deal. It is so refreshing to see someone who represents the people who need religion. He is definitely someone kids from all backgrounds can look up to. I also love the “Jesus Gang Gang” out takes which shows how Wyfy connects across racial bounds.

In today’s climate of music that promotes negativity , Wyfy is separating himself from the pack and his lyrics summed it up best “I’m cooking hope”. He is offering healing through music.