REVIEW album Roo Panes Quiet Man

A Beautiful 3rd Album From Roo Panes

Quiet Man

Roo Panes

'Quiet Man', the third album by Roo Panes, is a brilliantly produced audio delight.

From the cinematic beauty of opener 'A Message To Myself' to the delicate refrains of closer 'Peace Be With You', it's an album brimming with songs encouraging others, of seeing the good in people and also more introspective themes of self-love and growth. It’s an album about choosing to live life in the light and not giving into the dark.

At times introspective (A Year In The Garden'), at times rousing ('Cub'), and at times delicately gentle ('Sketches Of Summer'), it's always a beautiful listen, with Roo's voice sound thicker and richer than ever before.

Often compared to Ben Howard, 'Quiet Man' finds Roo Panes on top form. I for one would like it to be the record the makes him a household name just like Ben Howard. It certainly deserves to be.