REVIEW album Rowzen Welcome To Wonder Lake (Single)

New Jersey’s Own Rowzen Is Making A Statement

Welcome To Wonder Lake (Single)


New Jersey’s own Rowzen PNG completely surprised me with his video “Intro” featuring Ashley Ramsay. It is very trippy yet impactful and told an amazing visual story of a kid being pressured. We may think our younger generation has it easier but Rowzen is making me think again. This song is a crafty wakeup call about mental health awareness.

Rowzen Raps “Subliminal messages all in our brain, off brand clothes your way too plain”. Just think of how many kids who struggle with fitting in when every brand is at your fingertips, even the phone you have may not be a phone that is popular, then your made fun of. I love how he highlights this and the video was executed perfectly. The background vocals by Ashley Ramsey adds a beautiful but chilling element to the song.

I applaud Rowzen for making his mark by being socially aware of whats going on with his generation and I hope this song saves as many people as it can. With this being Rowzen’s lead single from the album “Welcome to Wonderlake” I can see he is making a statement. EVERYONE SUPPORT THIS ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!