REVIEW album Hazey Jane Lifeboat

Hazey Jane Release New Track 'Lifeboat'


Hazey Jane

Folk music is famous for their storytelling and Hazey Jane's new track 'Lifeboat' does not fail in delivering just that. Their swooning harmonies and mesmerizing lyrics leaves you with a warm heart and feeling optimistic, even though everything else in the world is telling you otherwise. The folk-quartet from Hackney have modernised folk and it is truly full of brilliance.

The classic finger picking of guitars and meaningful stories combined with electric guitars and upbeat drums, shows you that folk is far from dead. This is an exciting preview as to what this band is capable of producing, they have fully encompassed the raw, unhinged energy of a more modernized folk genre. Their stories are told with warmth and love, potent with emotion. Although founded with old traditions, their modern twist is what have made Hazey Jane the band they are today. Their track 'Lifeboat' is full of rich melodies that run all the way through your body, covering you in goosebumps. Hazey Jane are ready to deliver their newest body of work and I can't think of any reason as to why this is not something everyone should be excited about.