REVIEW album Peyton Shayler Paper Thin (Single)

A Shimmery, Midsummer Track: 'Paper Thin' - Peyton Shayler

Paper Thin (Single)

Peyton Shayler

Back with yet another killer track, Peyton Shayler of Los Angeles's latest single 'Paper Thin' screams out 'youthful angst', in all the best ways! Its smooth, indie-pop vibe makes it the perfect addition to a sunny afternoon playlist, giving off a delicate, yet glittery foundation.

After listening to her previous work, Peyton didn’t hold back long before giving us yet another lustrous pop banger, stripping back her previous style to fashion up a mix of beautiful vocals and electro-pop.

For me, ‘Paper Thin’ boards us onto a story of life-changing moments, a journey into the familiarities of angst and overshadowing prospects.

The music video for 'Paper Thin' brings out the best of a sunlit day on the West Coast. The reminiscent composition of walking along the beach during sundown sets a mood for complete tranquility. Coming into the chorus of ‘Paper Thin’ Peyton’s iridescent vocals swing under a smooth electronic lift, before breaking into a hard-hitting drop.

'Paper Thin’s' sonic sound makes for a beautifully rounded electronic pop song, with all the distinct character of an emotionally charged ballad.

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