REVIEW album Bhargav Choudhury aka BARGAV New Beginnings

Bhargav Choudhury Aka BARGAV’s Takes You On A Journey Of "New Beginnings"

Bhargav Choudhury aka BARGAV’s debut EP “New Beginnings” showcases the progressive talent of this young and upcoming guitarist. “New Beginnings” does not disappoint, more than just the works of a young rocker, listeners can’t help but appreciate his musicianship and multi-genre talents. Choudhury continuously strives to take his instrument to a whole new level throughout his debut. Emotion, catchy riffs, unique rhythms, nothing short of amazing guitar playing and composition.

On this self-produced 3-song set you will find a timeless blast of powerful, yet innovative genre-bending rock. Also, lending their talents to the EP are Jungshi Aier on bass/vocals and Ryo Nakamura on drums, mix and mastered by Ricky Bonanza.
The free-style solos and finger tricks, on song seem purposeful and well thought out.

Choudhury picked up a guitar for the first time in his early teens has since become a multi-versatile player skilled in a wide array of musical genres including: blues, rock, progressive, jazz, metal and funk.

He is currently a graduate of the famed Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles. This EP marks Choudhury’s first release since moving to LA.

The songs on the new EP are both aggressive and melodious, showcasing a perfect blend of metallic muscle, melody, speed and style.