REVIEW album The Khanz Mistakes That Nature Made

It Starts With WOW...

Mistakes That Nature Made

The Khanz

WOW. It starts with WOW. Big, energetic, wake-the-fuck-up WOW. The percussive brilliance of 'Ice Queen' and 'Ketamine' tickle your dancing DNA, and before you know it you're tapping your foot. You're in.

Then comes the first hint that this album is about more than the melodies. ‘Magazine Perfection’ tells a story you rarely find in a 3 minute concoction of instruments, and it's why this Album was created - to send a message.

There's more energy in ‘Playing with Fire’, where a boss bassline pairs with a raving riff for a duet of 10-string perfection. It's no wonder this is a crowd favourite when The Khanz tear up live music venues across Sydney.

The reproduction of ‘Wolves’ is simply stunning, and cements itself as one of the group's best dance-floor anthems, before it sets the stage for arguably the revelation of the album: ‘Don't go outside’. Just listen!

‘Be Somebody’ is the feelgood hug-your-neighbour hit that promotes positive vibes and dance floor jives. But don't think too big, because now we're taken in. In-side Themba’s (Lead Vocalist) introspective world - and it's done with beautiful instrumental restrain and stunning vocals throughout ‘Malingerer’ and another revelation of the album, ‘Who Would Let You Drown’.

The Khanz send you home with an unfussy, and unashamedly fun, foot tapper. ‘Dance on the Clouds’ makes you want to do just that - like it’s 3am at a summer house party and ‘Hey Jude’ comes on.

'Mistakes that Nature Made' is a sophisticated feast of dance-floor bangers and melodic mash. When you taste it, it reminds you of all the things that you've been missing in music. It's a phenomenally impressive debut album from a band that is thinking out loud - and we're all better for it. Some financial advice to leave you with: Buy this album, go to a live show, get a signature, and then sell it for $millions in years to come. One thing's for sure, The Khanz will be somebody!