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'Do Ya' - Single Review

Do Ya (Single)

Ten Years Today

Self professed "alternative powerpop trio" Ten Years released their single "Do Ya" earlier in the year. The Groningen based trio's track which will feature on their debut album was a chance find. As someone who is not wholly aware of the Dutch music scene, it was intriguing to find the band's music whilst searching the web. A find that did not disappoint.

The track begins with a roar of feedback before kicking straight in with a Franz Ferdinand style groove that makes you move your feet and pull off your best dance moves. The most striking aspect from the off is the quality of the production. All the instruments are crystal clear and are mixed in a way that compliment each other and the track. It seems a rarity to find a band so in tune with the sound they want to achieve and is incredibly refreshing.

What is clear when listening to the track is the musicality involved and the attention to detail the band has placed on the songwriting. This is particularly noticeable when the drums miss the first beat of the bar and come crashing in on the second beat 15-16 seconds into the track. This adds a lot of impact to an already impactful introduction and clearly shows that a lot of time has been spent perfecting the song.

The chorus features a great concept of having the whole band playing in unison (playing exactly the same thing) when vocalist Floris van Luijtelaar sings "doo bee doo bee doo ba, doo bee doo bee doo ba". This makes the section incredibly memorable and ensure it gets stuck in your head for days to come.

If I was to be critical of anything it would be that the middle section before the final chorus sounds almost rushed in its delivery. Whilst this may be intentional, the vocals would have benefited from a bit more breathing space. There are stabs in the section which add urgency and is a nice touch but the rushed vocals make it seem like a moment of panic ensued when trying to sing all the words.

The drum fill leading to the key change at the end of the song is a nice touch and the final chorus helps draw the song in to a close.

All in all an impressive track from the Groningen band and I look forward to hearing more of their music in the months/years to come.

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