REVIEW gig Ten Years Today Onafhankelijke Label Markt 2018

Ten Years Today Rockin' At Onafhankelijke Label Markt

Ten Years Today is a fresh Dutch power pop trio coming from Groningen. This band just recently played as one of the acts at Onafhankelijke Label Markt 2018 in Amsterdam, and also later that day at the Indiestad afterparty which took place in Tolhuistuin.

These young guys will not let you stand still for a single second. The performance is full of energy and little details that will catch your attention and keep not only your ears busy, but also your eyes entertained. Their music is a combination of punk, funk and rock which creates their unique sound. During the concert you can feel the real joy that guys bring with them on stage.

Ten Years Today are about to release their debut album and it's definitely worth listening to!