REVIEW album Paul Wetz Surrender (EP)

Indie Electronic Artist PaulWetz Goes Personal With 'Surrender'

Surrender (EP)

Paul Wetz

PaulWetz’s new EP ‘Surrender’ is oddly sad and yet wonderfully vibey and endearing at the same time. In it he draws upon anguish and thoughts from the past year. He creates something truly interesting: he has taken his past in making deep house music and melded it perfectly with his obvious passion for acoustic song writing. In doing so, Paul creates a deeply pensive electronic melancholy and the perfect background to explore the emotional revisiting of his lost relationship with his girlfriend. But that’s not to say it’s all doom and gloom. It is not. It is wistful perhaps and maybe a tad regretful but it is also quite cathartic; the revisiting of that particular past relationship in this way creates a kind of healing energy and so, in that sense, it’s a testament and celebration. The marriage of the synths and acoustic works brilliantly and provides the musical cloud for Paul to draw us in too to explore his emotions and thoughts.

All of the tracks speak of loss and figuring out what was good and what was real. In ‘Surrender’ the music speaks of trying to escape of confusion and pain – the legacy of lost relationships and moving on. Heady stuff but with a strong electronic backbone of a beat. ‘Bonny & Clyde’ evokes memories of the lost relationship and their identity of a couple with a strong melody; in ‘Wind & Ocean’ you feel like you’re bobbing along with the waves created by the lyrics; yearning and ‘floating in a musical pattern’. ‘Jack & Rose Acoustic’ and ‘Jack & Rose’ – define the relationship memories in lyrics, feeling and acoustic / vibey electronic melody respectively, creating different moods with the same lyrics.

Great, interesting, stuff from a musician who isn’t afraid to bare his soul, inviting you in as he moves onwards in both his musical and personal journey. If you like the idea of an honest musician laying it all open to you and drawing you into his own progression- emotionally and musically - then this is definitely for you.