REVIEW album Old Subbacultcha Old Subbacultcha

Pop and art collide in the new collaboration between Sweden’s uber-pop star Robyn and Norwegian electronica duo Röyksopp.

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Having collaborated on 2009s
The Girl and the Robot, Röyksopp and Robyn join forces on this mini-album to coincide with their joint summer tour.

Robyn and Royksopp

Röyksopp & Robyn - Do It Again 7/10 OUT NOW on Dog Triumph Via Wall Of Sound and Cooking Vinyl

Both Röyksopp and Robyn have forged successful careers making engaging and uncompromising music within their relative genres, Robyn in particular has never allowed herself to be boxed into what constitutes ‘pop’ yet the results are perfect pop, Röyksopp have been quietly experimenting and refining electronica for the last 15 years. When they released
The Girl and the Robot it was such a perfect musical marriage it was a surprise they’d never collaborated sooner. The best tracks on the EP are without a doubt the epic ten-minute sax dub opus
Monument and title track
Do It Again. Clocking in at just under ten-minutes Monument
is a mini-musical journey. Lyrically it is pure Robyn, as she sings coolly and assertively “This will be my monument / This will be a beacon when I’m gone.” showcasing how defly she manages to weave the heartfelt and melancholic into infectious hypnotic grooves. Musically it journeys back to the sound of
Poor Leno or
So Easy, the end result is evocative, sensuous and addictive. Mixing tribal beats with luscious silky sax and rippling vocals and synths, refusing categorization and utterly irresistible.
Do It Again, is bouncy, glittery and could easily be found on a Robyn album and finds just the right balance of cyborg infused electro. Inspired by a night out in raving in Bergen, effervescent and effortlessly uplifting, a self-proclaimed “accidental pop song” complete with spikey synths, heavy beats and Robyn’s trademark breathlessly boundless vocals.
Every Little Thing takes the tempo down, lyrically and musically. It lacks the musical complexity of the previous tracks and doesn’t quite sparkle.
Sayit is the straight ready to remix, club track, featuring a weird robotic cyborg sex chat interlude, it doesn’t quite sit with the rest of the mini-album, musically it veers towards angular, slightly angry techno and the robot vocals sound dated and it’s the least complex of the tracks, a considering the quality before a little disappointing. It ends with the instrumental (and somewhat redundant)
Inside the Idle Hour. Lacking a little in spark and bite and coming over a wishy-washy and overly indulgent.
Do it Again is an exciting collaboration and this EP is a reasonably satisfying hors d' oeuvre for the main course likely to be released later this year in spite of a couple of misfires it is mostly electrifying, hypnotic and seriously Scandinavian.
Do It Again
 tour dates below: June 13                        Sonar Festival (Spain) June 14                        Northside Festival (Denmark) June 26                        Marymoor Park (Seattle, WA, US) June 28                        Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (San Francisco, CA, US) June 29                        Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles, CA, US) July 18                         Melt Festival (Germany) July 19                         Latitude Festival (UK) August 8                      Øya Festival (Norway) August 9                      Way Out West Festival (Sweden) August 15                    Pukkelpop (Belgium) August 20                    Pier 97 (New York, NY, US) August 21                    Wolftrap (Washington, DC, US) August 22                    HB Pavilion (Boston, MA, US) August 24                    Pritzker Pavilion (Chicago, IL, US) August 25                    Echo Beach (Toronto, ON, Canada) August 30                    Zurich Open Air (Switzerland)