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The Famous


Based in Belfast, it would be easy for Mask to become one of of those little provincial bands who does quite well locally but never breaks out beyond that.

However, everything they've done so far has shown that they're thinking much bigger than that, despite the music industry becoming an even more exclusive behemoth, demanding more than ever that labels hold all the power and that to fit in, you have to fit a specific style and you can't plough your own furrow.

'The Famous' is Mask's first full-length album and though comparisons to bands like Black Keys are obvious, there's something more engaging about this album - it might be the earnestness of it, it might be the retro style of recording, it might be just because it's stuffed with great hooky songs and largely dispenses with any doom and gloom... one way or another, there's something special brewing here and it's well worth keeping an eye on.

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