REVIEW album The Boy Least Likely To Greatest Hits

British Indie Pop Royalty

Greatest Hits

The Boy Least Likely To

Fifteen years on from the release of their first single and twelve years since their debut album, The Boy Least Likely To celebrate their against all odds success with the release of their 'Greatest Hits' album. 17 tracks taken from their four albums as well as a long overdue studio version of their cover of George Michael’s 'Faith' and a brand new single, 'One Of These Days'.

Creators of twee indie-pop filled with banjos and glockenspiels, their sound is highly distinctive and highly addictive. Sweeping harmonies and sugar coated hooks, songs like 'When Life Gives Me Lemons' (which you may have seen in the Peter Rabbit film), 'Monsters' and 'I Box Up All The Butterflies' will warm your soul.

The 17 songs included on this 'Greatest Hits' make it undeniably clear that Pete and Jof, the masterminds behind The Boy Least Likely To, have, over the last 15 years, consistently made better delicate indie pop better than almost anyone else out there.