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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Subtly infectious post-punk from Dublin...

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS: "Stripping back to the bare-bones, Dublin’s Glimmermen deliver deadpan, darkly witty post-punk with touches of ska and blues. Theirs is a warped and disconcerting cocktail, minimalistic in style but strangely effective over repeat listens. Last Song’ and ‘There Was A Boy’ are driven by insistent, stabbing guitars, sturdy bass-lines and understated melodies: though be prepared for some instrumentation straight out of left field. It won’t be everyone’s cuppa, but new album ‘I’m Dead’ (produced by J Robbins, no less) is well worth a look for the curious. You can check out new single ‘There Was A Boy’ below, and keep an eye out for further coverage."

Glimmermen pic
Formed in 2010 from the ashes of revered Irish bands
(Gavin Cowley, vocals, guitar),
(J Bassetti, stand-up bass, vocals) and
Holy Ghost Fathers
(Phil Murray, drums, vocals), Glimmermen are a stripped-down unit that take rock and roll back to its primitive core. Having quickly earned a reputation for their intense live shows, the band released their debut EP “Satellite People” in 2012 to widespread acclaim and comparisons to Television, Pop Group and Mission of Burma. Built on the rock-solid foundations of Phil Murray’s inventive drumming and J Bassetti’s propulsive stand-up bass, “I’m Dead” deals with themes of life, love, regret, paranoia and hope with Gavin Cowley’s sinewy guitar work and distinctive vocals using the sparse arrangements to maximum effect.
Dublin based quartet 
Glimmermen release their debut album “I’m Dead” in the UK on April 21st.