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The Very Impressive Lilac Melt

Lilac Melt (Self Titled)

Lilac Melt

I recently had the pleasure of listening to the self-titled new release from Scottish indie rock band Lilac Melt. It is refreshing to hear the 4 piece band carve a truly unique sound whilst still taking influence from some of the indie rock greats of yesteryear.

Reverb soaked vocals, ambient driven guitars and punchy drums make this release an atmospheric cocktail of exactly what the indie scene has been without for quite some time.

All tracks express the lyrics flawlessly making you truly feel Katherine's emotion. ‘Hey Stranger’ is the first track on the release and it grabs your attention from the moment you hit play with Katherine's vocals cutting through the dreamy ambience. All tracks follow a similar theme with ‘Out Loud’ and ‘Oxidise’ proving no doubt that this dream gaze band mean serious business.

I would not be surprised to see this band embark on a huge 2019 and with similar bands like Wolf Alice already taking the music scene by storm, I can see this band following suit quite easily.

If you love indie music, you are in for a treat with ‘Lilac Melt’.