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I Found The Mispers 'Dark Bits'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

After listening to ‘Dark Bits’ it’s hard to sit still, the catchy beats and energetic rhythms are the sound of Alternative Rock band The Mispers. “Basements and Bars, I’m taking charge of the Dark Bits” is all I seem to keep singing while nodding my head on the socially conformed tube and receiving some rather odd looks.


Police slang for a missing person The Mispers recent EP ‘Dark Bits’ is extremely addictive with a dreamy alternative rock sound and catchy choruses. The EP consists of four tracks that convey the bands incredible talent, beginning with the track titled ‘Dark Bits’. Obviously being the titled track for the EP, it’s no wonder as it’s clearly the best one.

The charismatic yet unusual vocals are somewhat scratchy with echoing guitar riffs that create a perfect blend of Indie music. This raw sound is fun and perfect for the summer festivals and I’m definitely right on this, as The Mispers have been on a nonstop tour playing at pivotal niche festivals such as Secret Garden Party, The Great Escape and Kendal Calling.

The track ‘Gold Dust’ on the EP showcases the talent of the Violinist in the group which is refreshing to hear in this particular genre which conveys the bands originality. The beautiful sound correlating with the guitars and drums creates a mature and classic sound to the alternative music The Mispers are making.

With the magnetic vocals drawing you in, The Mispers have a hold of you that takes you to a new world as the EP flows cleverly into each track.  The talent of this young band is next level as each section of each song is so pinnacle and well thought out its easy to observe the particular talent of the individual musicians.

“I found The Mispers” is becoming a popular tagline for the band highlighting the effect they are having on devoted fans and new listeners, especially since the EP is becoming very successful with airtime from XFM! The band are without a doubt on their way and doing so quickly in becoming triumphant and they fully deserve it as the EP oozes Indie perfection!

EP 'Dark Bits' is available now on iTunes