REVIEW album SprightXMusic Selfless (Single)

SprightXMusic - 'Selfless'

Selfless (Single)


SprightXMusic, the North London singer-songwriter, recently released his new single, ‘Selfless’, a killer track with loads of smooth, cool vocal and plenty of atmospheric landscapes of production. This is surely a track to impress, as it gains popularity and recognition.

SprightXMusic, also known as Jeremiah Balintuma, is a highly talented artist with a golden road ahead as his music is just unmissable. With this most recent release, he gets right to the heart of his sound which blends a mix of R&B, neo-soul and electronic music, lending his clever and textured narrative to the mix. The track is bathed in plenty of choice layered sounds, making ‘Selfless’ easy to find yourself in and keep on repeat. It is an altogether transporting single, and based in solid and top-drawer production, building an escapist track to linger in.

Crediting influences such as Favela, Honne, The Japanese House, Drake and James Blake to name but a few, SprightXMusic then takes that platform and elevates it to another level. With production provided by Chris OG, ‘Selfless’ is a track that deserves to be in the charts given its epic bass line and stellar production. Jeremiah’s accomplishments as a song writer are well above his contemporaries and puts a huge shine on this track as a result. The vocalese of this artist is evident through the easy, effortless lyrics and their delivery, lending great soundscapes to the song. The finished project results in a track that is a clear indicator of solid talent.

If chilled R&B accented with talented songwriting hallmarks and clean, clever production, then this release is for you and one not to miss. In fact, SprightXMusic is definitely an artist to keep up with in the coming months for sure!