REVIEW album Scott Beckett Take Me Home (Single)

Scott Beckett Defines His Own Acoustic Genre

Take Me Home (Single)

Scott Beckett

Liverpudlian Scott Beckett has just released his single, ‘Take Me Home’ from his beautiful EP 'Teach Me To Fly'. The emotive lyrics are layered over languid waves of guitar work, it delivers a positive message and something inspirational. There is a fresh, uncomplicated message within this song and it's married with such musical artistry, creating a luminous track to be treasured.

There is plenty of talented songwriting and a technically brilliant performance and delivery. The track has plenty to navigate, it uses the music and lyrics ably and judiciously. The song has a slightly rock vibe but really resides in an almost folksy genre. It is authentic and real, nothing coerced or forced but is textured and transforming without remotely being ambient. The narrative feels genuine and thoughtful.

You can hear notes of inspiration from the likes of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, The Calling and of course The Beatles, but Beckett brings those sounds and make them his own, finding his way artfully into a space that he occupies comfortably and with great ownership. You can feel that he has grown into his own here and found the right tone and temperament with the acoustic, almost folk genre he produces with this track.

There is no doubt that Scott will go far in the industry finding much love along the way, starting with this track. If acoustic singer-songwriter is a style you are drawn to, Scott will be one to watch in the coming months.