REVIEW album Sam Kingswood NeaderFools

Sam Kingswood Provides Depth & Breadth In 'Neaderfools'


Sam Kingswood

I'm a sucker for Sam Kingswood's new single ‘NeaderFools’, a powerful and politically amped hip-hop track truly meant for today. Based in Southend-On-Sea Sam is highly talented rapper and producer, divining music meant to stimulate your mind as well as move your body to.

His passion for his music and verse is obvious. He uses his own experience along with today’s current climate of troubles to fill the lyrical base of his songs. There isn’t a subject he shies away from. It is clear he feels the need to discuss the demons of life and he finds an outlet for them with music.

'NeaderFools’ is a strong, confident, unflinching look at the modern world and the state of what it has become. It features Cardo as well and that coupled with a deep, quality old-school beat, is a track to get behind. Sam makes sure to include a solid and cool beat to anchor his lyrics that are just so striking and well thought out. There is plenty sonically to enjoy with this track. It’s bone and brick rap that makes it authentic, but, there is plenty of clever fleshing out through the use of the lyrics that truly add the flourish to this track.

If you are after rap with a brain to it, something that makes a statement and gives you pause to consider things, this track and this artist are for you.