REVIEW album Laura Airaksinen Tonight (Single)

Laura Airaksinen's Beautifully Crafted 'Tonight'

Tonight (Single)

Laura Airaksinen

Laura Airaksinen has just released her beautiful new single, ‘Tonight’, a gorgeous ballad layered with influences of soul, jazz and pop music.

Laura hails from Fiskars, Finland and she credits inspiration from jazz, soul, folk and pop which is reflected in her music amply. Laura has recorded with top musicians from all over the world, including live strings, horns, choirs and more to create her sound for this track and all of her music. Covering such dramas as love, longing, long-distance relationships and uncertainty around decisions in life, her talented lyrics explore these forces and find a place in all of her songs.

‘Tonight’ delivers some intrinsically passionate vocals that mould the strength and backbone of the track. The melodies are well thought and executed and glide along with the journey of the song. The production is equally accomplished and breath-taking for the track, full of live instruments that deliver an authentic finish, which are often absent in modern pop. Throughout the whole course of the song, Laura’s talent is on show in full technicolour.

If you love modern and commercial melodies with emotive and well-thought -out lyrics, combined with elements of jazz and soul this ones for you!