REVIEW album Red Back Light No More Memories

Red Back Light's 'No More Memories' Ticks All The Boxes

No More Memories

Red Back Light

Synth Rock Duo, Red Back Light, have just released ‘Nothing I Can Do’, an upbeat and strong track taken from the duo’s clever EP ‘No More Memories’.

Hailing from Montevideo, Uruguay, they produce a unique synth-rock sound full of pace. Their music leads me to think of groups such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, St Vincent and Gorillaz. Their music creates a broody backdrop for their sound, blending perfectly and with the punch of modern pop added for accentuation. It’s intelligent, twisting and paints an electric landscape for the senses to experience.

The duo found great success with their debut EP and this single is sure to be equally impressive. ‘No More Memories’ is yet another great example of the pairs obvious and talent. The melancholic themes are portrayed through a visceral, catchy melodic arrangement. Coupled with the consummate and polished production, which is full of well-crafted qualities, the driving drums and dynamic guitars all underpinned by a solid bass line, there is nothing to fault here.