REVIEW album Carnival Youth Birthday/Phantom Planet (Double A Side Single)

The Carnival Youth Boys Takes Us On A Fizzy Trip...

Birthday/Phantom Planet (Double A Side Single)

Carnival Youth

Carnival Youth are Edgars Kaupers, Emīls Kaupers, Roberts Vanags and Aleksis Luriņš – a quirkily melodic Latvian trio with a new release designed to jangle our senses (in a good way). Quirky they are – but they also achieve a perfect combination of melodic, experimental and catchy without taking too long a stroll into musical weird.

'Phantom Planet’ starts out reminiscent of MGMT jogging through a mind-bending technicolour park. Think fabulously avant-garde electro tinkles with lyrics describing how our dark and strange inner selves do not necessarily correspond with our public personas and outer selves. They do however exist within the same person. Definitely a relatable theme but executed in a very David Lynch way artistically. In this sense: Phantom Planet is a place we all inhabit, every day of our lives.

‘Birthday’ (the UK focus single on the Double A side) is a gloriously joyful skip through a very catchy trip of feeling child-like, special and carefree. Is it a celebration OR an illusion of happiness? Regardless, you cannot help but be drawn into it’s happy vibe. It is the musical equivalent of shoving a packet of Mentos in your mouth and throwing in some Coca Cola: a fabulous intoxicating fizz.