REVIEW album Thom Artway Can't Wait (Single)

Czech Mate To Thom Artway

Can't Wait (Single)

Thom Artway

Hats off (no pun intended – as he wears one in his latest video) to Czech singer-songwriter who is back with his new single ‘Can’t Wait’.

The track is a personal narrative of just wanting someone and emphatically happily telling them you want them. It’s a simple message, and one we can all relate to, but Thom’s very mellow voice and emotive delivery are so sincere it makes your heart dance a warm dance when listening to it. No mean feat. Think ‘You and Me’ by The Wannadies but smothered in warm honey.

The joy when you are fish-hooked into the chorus is infectious. The video shot on the coast of Cinque Terre adds to the Ready Brek inner glow of fuzzy happiness with a golden Sunset (or sunrise? It doesn’t matter, the effect is the same) – shining all over it.

The Czech man in the hat knows how to relate a yearning love story with his silky-smooth voice creating a mellow yet catchy anthem to love, peppered with upbeat synths. Conclusion? Just this: ‘Can’t Wait’ is feel good and huggingly gorgeous.