REVIEW album Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird Love Is Heartbreak (Single)

Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird's New Track Both Devastates & Celebrates...

Love Is Heartbreak (Single)

Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird

Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird are singer/songwriter Lachlan Rose, Francesca Gonzales, on vocals/keys, multi-instrumentalist Pete Simonsen, drummer Nick Reid and bassist Matt Hayes- a fascinating band from Melbourne Australia delivering deep vocal-ed, imaginative, handcrafted indie masterpieces. Their debut UK single ‘Love is Heartbreak’ is set for release on Double Drummer /AWAL and I strongly urge you to listen to it at your earliest convenience.

'Love is Heartbreak' is a cleverly quirky up-tempo tome of how the person you loved now doesn’t love you back and, although you are devastated, somehow your love still remains inside you coping with the fallout. In a sense, the entire construction of the single represents a juxtaposition: intensely crafted lyrics about gut wrenching heart-breaking love that still lingers end of a relationship – completely at odds with the cheerful sunshine-y melody and disco beats. An ambitious way of portraying emotional devastation. But you know what? It works.

The opening to the song has unabashed ‘feel good’ electro orchestral greatness which adds perfectly to the strange-itude. You can imagine a disco glitter ball shining across a room looking out to a sunny flowery meadow filled with children playing; and, indeed, you hear children peppered onto the track here and there with upbeat exclamations. Quite wonderful.

Frontman Lachlan Rose delivers deep, velvety smooth vocals (think Pulp/Neil Hannon and the Divine Comedy), introspective and yearning and mourning but also demonstrating the extraordinary power of love. Kind of an ‘Emotional Devastation Celebration’, if there is such a thing.

This single I am told, sets the scene for the bands forthcoming album’s thematic journey from heartbreak to recovery, and will apparently be released later this year. I WILL be looking out for it and so should you.