REVIEW album MadeYoung Can't Fold (Single)

MadeYoung Leading The Way

Can't Fold (Single)


Trap music as of late has switched to a culture of drug induced, lean sipping, mumbling young rappers who are making music that leaves you as numb as the drugs they rap about taking. It is so refreshing to hear a change in that narrative.

MadeYoung’s 'Can’t Fold' is an amazing song. You can feel every word as he paints a picture of the ones who motivate him to win. The lyrics truly resonates with you and paints a vivid picture. The production on this song is just as amazing and sonically aids the lyrics in making a song with soul, Trap Soul.

With lines like “How am I gonna fold when lil Caeli watchin” talks to his motivation to succeed. Many people will relate to this song because we all have someone or something that we hold dear and we use that love to fuel our passions. This song is highly relatable and is sure to be an anthem to many. I have this song on repeat as my daily motivation.

MadeYoung is separating himself from the rest of the trap pack. I would say that he is in a whole new lane, leading the way in the new genre of Trap Soul. Music lovers, Dj’s , Radio PD’s and bloggers, pay attention to MadeYoung, he will not disappoint.