REVIEW gig Lauren Lucille 'Let Go' Album Launch

A Beautiful Display Of Vocal Talent & Professional Musicianship

Down at Kennington’s renowned jazz club, the Toulouse Lautrec, London dweller, and singer-songwriter Lauren Lucille performed to a full-house of fans at her ‘Let Go’ album launch on Sunday, March 24th.

Ahead of the release of ‘Let Go’, the Australian jazz singer from Brisbane delivered one hell of a show, captivating the complete attention of the room with her incredible vocals, and suave indentation. Kicking off her set with some fresh original material, she soon reeled us in to sing along with her latest track from the new album - ‘Be My Lover’.

Joining her on stage were the incredibly talented Jo Caleb on guitar, Daniel Henson on piano, Jonny Gee and George Hart on the drums.

Equipped with a classic jazz onset, Lauren’s set was nothing less than a magnificent show of natural talent. Solo segments were spotlighted for each of the band members, which represented a true sense of appreciation for all the musicians on the stage, who, quite frankly, rocked the house down! The performers’ beautiful way of playing together, in absolute harmony gave each song its own identity, drifting us back into our seats as we hear Lauren tell her musical story.

Overall, Lauren’s show was a wonderful mix of new releases and some old jazz favourites; in fact, all the music performed on the night was completely original.

Gracing the stage of the Toulouse Lautrec, a most wonderfully authentic French-themed jazz club, Lauren Lucille gave us the first peek into ‘Let Go’, and it was a pleasure to get an exclusive glimpse of great things to come from the gifted singer.