REVIEW gig Susto The Islington

Susto Lose Their Mind In London

Having recently completed a mammoth US tour, last week saw North Carolina-based band Susto back in the UK.

Showcasing their new album 'Ever Since I Lost My Mind' on a balmy Sunday evening at The Islington, the band, led by Juston Osborne, host a sun-drenched Americana love-in at the intimate London venue.

Kicking off their set with new track 'Homeboy,' Osborne's rasping vocals taking centre stage as the song built to a crescendo of rock guitars and pounding drums. Another new track 'Weather Balloons' sees him reverting to piano, the gorgeous lament enrapturing the Sunday night audience.

On 'Mystery Man,' Osborne is joined by the night's support act Judy Blank and a guitarist for a stunning rendition of the song.

'If I Was' features shimmering guitar lines and shuffling drums, whilst older song 'Jah Werx' - taken from 2017's '& I'm Fine Today' - sweeps us up in a haze of wavy synth tones.

The band close their short set with 'Dream Girl', Osborne now back on the piano to end the night on a rousing, joyous high.