REVIEW gig Yes We Mystic Thousand Island, London

Yes We Mystic 's Live Set Takes You To New Imaginative Realms...

Yes We Mystic are all things at once: raw yet slick, imaginative yet accessible: a very clever balancing act indeed. Or could it be their collectively intuitive talent for creating what essentially is art indie pop, quite unique from many of their contemporaries?

At Thousand Island they were the last band to go on and they were a magnificent sound to end the night on in this famous musical corner of North London. They’re a good-looking bunch too – very cool in their own individualistic way. Vocalist Adam Fuhr: tall, charismatic and every inch the kind of cool indie but authoritative front man that embodies the intensity of a young David Byrne. More than that, his vocals are straight from the heart and gut as well as the mind as he wonderfully loses himself in each song. Actually, that is also true of the rest of the band – from where we stood you can sense they really get into what they do, feeling every lyric and every note. You can’t help but get involved .

The thing that really grabs you about this band is that they can clearly write beautifully multi-layered songs with very clever and inspired arrangements with guitars, keyboards, drums, violin and other instruments depending on the song to create an artistic, imaginative dream like quality to the music.
It also means the compact stage at Thousand Island is pretty packed – but this group are obviously expert at getting all they need in a small space. And it doesn’t matter as they somehow make it all work wonderfully.

Latest album ‘Ten Seated Figures’ is one long adventure through memory, false memory and the products of the mind. The live set gives it a more visceral feel. Influences come from everywhere but YWM collectively filter it into something unique and quite magnificent via rich orchestration and intensity of their performance.

If you haven’t seen this band live yet. I suggest you do so - and let your musical imagination hook into theirs.

Set List:
The Contest of Strength
Young Evil
Win Ben Stein’s Money
Vanitas Waltz
Working for the Future in the Interlake
Last Known Sighting
Please Bring Me to Safety