REVIEW album Lucy Booth Butterfly (Single)

Lucy Booth - 'Butterfly'

Butterfly (Single)

Lucy Booth

This one's for fans of Gabrielle Aplin, Birdy & Lana Del Rey, as alt-pop sensation Lucy Booth kicks off her music career with this catchy, ethereal single. Creating the perfect combination of enchanting melodies, warm vocals and poetic lyrics, Lucy oozes a dream-like quality in which you can easily indulge.

She seems to be inspired by the resilience of humanity as ‘Butterfly’ paints a picture of the very real challenges of single motherhood. Dealing with the emotional impact of abandonment and loneliness, whilst also trying to be brave for the sake of a child.

The sweet, bright sound of the marimba, intentionally at odds with the hopelessness of the lyrics, seems to cleverly represent how we often pretend to ourselves and others that we're coping, when inside we're really struggling.

This authentic and relatable single showcases Lucy’s songwriting perfectly and gives us a glimpse of what is to come with the rest of her debut EP ‘Melancholy Blue’ .