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Yes We Mystic's New Album: An Exploration Through Lush Mindscape

Ten Seated Figures

Yes We Mystic

Canadian indie art-rockers, Yes We Mystic, create lush, groovy, delicate & melodic soundscapes to give life to their cinematic musical vision. Instruments & beats blur and merge, as the sound comes together like a shimmering musical tapestry. It seems to be about personal mythology, self-fictionalization and the ways in which people can be shaped by things that are either misremembered, distorted in their retelling, or that never even happened. They take you on a trip into strange, yet somehow recognisable, realms of musical imagination.

Although crafted artistically this is not to say the tracks on this album are not accessible– they certainly are that too. The band transcend previous offerings with a more mature sound that manages to walk a tightrope between the ethereal and the ‘very real’, whether by instinct and experience, or by design . Tracks like "Felsenmeer" demonstrate an ability to create their own unique wall of sound without losing the imaginative landscape they have created and without losing emotion. Dreamy numbers like ‘Last Known Sighting’ are uniquely complex and beautiful. "Panthalassa" and "Vanitas Waltz" are more of a trip to the unknown but they don’t leave the listener behind; you are firmly with them every step of the musical trip.

There is no fear of exploration on this record. It is confident in its own ambition. This is musical experimentation of the highest order, whilst remaining a pleasurable aural experience. Tip-top-pop-art-transformation can be found here and you, the listener, are only too happy to be immersed in it.