REVIEW album The Magnettes Shakes (Falling In Love) (Single)

The Magnettes Make You Feel The Heat

Shakes (Falling In Love) (Single)

The Magnettes

The Magnettes never fail to come up with a single that gets everyone including your moany old Aunt Joan onto a dancefloor pronto. Their new single “Shakes (Falling in Love)” is no exception and storms onto said dancefloor with an unapologetic roaring disco anthem about the passion of new love.

It’s also more than a bit saucy; describing the exploration of each other in physical ways – kissing and making out, intimate sounds only your lover would know. Your Aunt Joan may blush dancing to all this but she’ll have one hell of a time dancing as the song goes from a cool, measured pace - sighing and yearning - before suddenly elevating much, much higher into full-on whooping and bouncing under an industrial glitterball.

The Magnettes, in their inimitable way, require you the listener (or dancer!) as a witness to the heat of the love they describe, and make you completely complicit. And of course, you cant help it as it’s just brilliant. 10/10.