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Fifteen must see bands at Download 2014

This coming weekend, moshers, rockers, grungers, punkers, metallers and every other nickname for someone who has a keen ear for some shredding guitar will congregate at rock’s hallowed ground – Donington, for Download 2014. The lineup is as varied as it is awesome, so here are fifteen bands spanning the entire weekend that you should absolutely be checking out…
Where: Main Stage
When: 13:50 – 14:20
Why: The Japanese electro-metallers have one of the most energetic and outright fun live sets around currently, and they will be perfect to kick off your Download weekend. They might even play ‘Jagerbomb’, which you’ll probably be consuming at least one of over the three days.
Where: Pepsi Max Stage
When: 14:35 – 15:05
Why: With wildcard frontman Chris Georgiadis’ amazing stage presence and more psychedelic rock that you can shake your wizard stick at, Turbowolf are always incredible in the live setting. Full of wit and charisma, they could be the unexpected hit of Download this year.
Where: Pepsi Max Stage
When: 18:50 – 19:30
Why: Speaking of wildcard frontmen, they don’t come much more
intense than letlive.’s Jason Butler. The first time they appeared at Download in 2011, Jason booted a security guard who tried to stop him from giving it all in his performance. Who knows who/what he’ll climb/jump off/throw around/kick this time. Plus, newest album ‘The Blackest Beautiful’ was one of the best albums of last year, so this is a must-see.
Baby Godzilla
Where: Red Bull Studio Stage
When: 19:40 – 20:05
Why: Still relatively unknown, Baby Godzilla’s reputation precedes them as one of the most ferocious live acts around, destroying their surroundings and audiences eardrums whether they’re playing a scummy pub or opening for Limp Bizkit. It’ll be interesting to see how this converts to a festival setting and without doubt havoc will be caused in the Red Bull tent.
The Offspring
Where: Zippo Encore Stage
When: 21:25 – 22:45
Why: Why?! They’re playing ‘Smash’, that’s bloody why. The highest selling independent album of all time, ‘Smash’ is a masterclass in punk rock and still sounds just as vital twenty years after its original release. This will be a rare chance to see the entire album played live and will be pretty special, you stupid dumb shit god damn motherfucker!
Dying Fetus
Main Stage
11:00 – 11:30
Why: After the incredible #whynotdyingfetus campaign led to Download booker Andy Copping asking Dying Fetus, one of the most brutal death metal bands of all time to open the Main Stage, you’d be crazy to miss this. This is the heaviest band that has graced the Main Stage at Download, probably ever, and will be a bloody good wake up call after the shenanigans of a Friday night well spent.
Lonely The Brave
Where: Pepsi Max Stage
When: 15:35 – 16:05
Why: One of the softer offerings of the new crowd, Lonely The Brave have nevertheless been receiving rave reviews across the board for their live show. Perfect for a mid afternoon slot, the Cambridge quartet's subtle melodies and soaring vocals will serve as a welcome respite from all of the heaviness on show over the weekend.
Bring Me The Horizon
Where: Main Stage
When: 17:40 – 18:40
Why: Steel City’s finest sons have been working their way up the Download bill since they played the Gibson/Myspace stage back in 2006. Myspace heroes they may have been, but BMTH have now turned into one of our finest exports and it’s incredible to see them just two slots shy of a headlining performance. Expect an intense show, with BMTH pulling out all the stops to prove they can outshine their peers.
Where: Red Bull Studio Stage
When: 21:55 – 22:25
Why: SikTh are one of the most important bands to have come out of the early 2000s UK metal scene. Their original EPs caused a huge stir and when first album ‘The Trees Are Dead and Dried Out… Wait For Something Wild’ dropped, everyone was absolutely blown away. Heavy, intricate, proggy and downright insane vocally, the album was an instant classic. Sadly, their tenure was short lived and they disbanded after second album ‘Death of a Dead Day’. Thankfully for you, they’re back (for now) and it’s imperative that you catch them while you can.
Linkin Park
Where: Main Stage
When: 21:05 – 22:50
Why?! They’re playing ‘Hybrid Theory’, that’s bloody why. Where would 14 year old angst-ridden you have been without the likes of ‘Crawling’, ‘In The End’ and ‘One Step Closer’? With any luck, they’ll play less of their, interesting (…) later material and we can all headbang, releasing our inner nu-metal demons once again.
Thy Art Is Murder
Where: Pepsi Max Stage
When: 13:15 – 13:40
Why: While Dying Fetus will provide one hell of a wake up call on the Saturday, Australia’s best death metal export Thy Art is Murder will no doubt cause one hell of a ruckus in the Pepsi Max tent on the Sunday. If you’re deep in the pit, watch out. You
WILL get caught in a wall of death. Sonically and physically not for the faint of heart, TAIM’s set will be a lesson in modern brutality.
Philip H Anselmo and The Illegals
Where: Zippo Encore Stage
When: 17:10 – 17:50
Why: Pantera/Down/Superjoint Ritual/countless other projects legend Phil Anselmo is returning to Donington this year with his newest bunch of not-so-merrymen, The Illegals. This will be Phil’s chance to prove he’s still got it and in between all of the loud mouthed ranting and chug heavy new material, we may even get to hear some Pantera tracks thrown in, too.
Suicide Silence
Where: Pepsi Max Stage
19:00 – 19:40
Why: Since the tragic death of frontman, Mitch Lucker, Suicide Silence have been on a mission to continue his legacy. Recruiting former All Shall Perish frontman and all round bad ass vocalist Eddie Hermida, they’re on the cusp of releasing their latest album ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ and are sure to have a point to prove. Die-hard fans will be down the front while onlookers will be swept up in a hurricane of frenetic death metal and pounding beatdowns. Unlikely to be a quiet affair, brush off those Sunday night blues and get caught in a mosh, or twelve in the Pepsi Max tent.
Dillinger Escape Plan
Where: Pepsi Max Stage
When: 21:10 – 22:10
Why: Have you ever seen Dillinger Escape Plan live? If so, you know why they’re on this list. If not, DEP’s live performance is one of the most intense around. Masters of their craft, the band can fly around the stage (and audience) faster than their fretboard melting riffs and mind melting drum patterns. Expect 300 pound monster vocalist Greg Puciato on your head if you’re in the front row.
Where: Main Stage
When: 21:15 – 22:50
Why: If Dillinger aren’t your bag, then what better way to round off a weekend of revelry than with one of the most decadent bands of all time? Hopefully it won’t be a repeat of the last time they played Download in 2010 when we were soaked to our boxers and a bit miserable, but their classic rock offerings will bring a show stopping end to Download 2014 either way. So, there you have it. Of course, there are plenty more bands worthy of your time heading to Donington and it’s always a total blast. Pack wellies and sun cream, and always remember to drink plenty of J
ager water at all times. And on principle, try not to watch Emmure.