REVIEW album Juliet Carina Psycho But Ya Love It (Single)

When Pop Channels The Inner Psycho...

Psycho But Ya Love It (Single)

Juliet Carina

The US Italian/Chinese pop bombshell Juliet Carina crushes it with new single 'Psycho But Ya Love It'.

She's already enjoying success in the US and performing at Grammy related events so Julie Carina is an up & coming talent and no doubt one to watch.

“I used to be your homescreen, you would speed dial for me”, she proclaims in this sassy take on a modern love-song.

'Psycho But Ya Love It' is an unapologetically fun and catchy tune with a video featuring Carina checking out her (perfect) red-lipped reflection in a cheese grater (yikes!), rolling around seductively in a straight jacket (yes, that’s possible!) and sporting the kind of towering-heeled stripper shoes that would easily crush the competition underfoot.

She admits she “channels her nasty alter ego” for the song and I’d definitely avoid eyeing up her fella in the pub. With undertones of Miley Cyrus/ Charlie XCX, I’d recommend you learn all the words immediately and then dance your ass off.