REVIEW album Royse If I Loved You (Single)

Royse Sings Through The Darkness To Find Light & Love

If I Loved You (Single)


Royse's ‘If I Loved You’ is an uplifting, soul enhancing pop-banger of a tune with a rich vocal and tip-top production courtesy of Adrian Gurvitz, who has worked with the likes of Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder.

Royse wears her own influences on her sleeve, think Adele, Lana Del Rey and Lily Allen, but she has the voice to carry her music anywhere she cares to take it. This is quite a talent.

She has mentioned during interviews the important role of self- belief, self-worth and having faith, and it's elements of this spirituality that shine so brightly through her songs. So it is with 'If I Loved You' where she muses over the depths and possibilities of being open to love. She doesn't dwell on the negatives but explores the positives and the avenues it could take her down. This is a song brimming with hope and positivity.

Whatever your belief system, there is strength to be found in the music and Royse reaches out to her listeners with an experience that belies her youth. It’s the exploration of experiencing the darkness to find the light and consistently shifting the mood to positive that truly resonates.