REVIEW album Tamtam Rise (Single)

Tamtam Takes On The Stereotypes With 'Rise'

Rise (Single)


Saudi-born and LA-based Tamtam creates a musical bridge between the juxtaposed cultures, creating socially conscious music with a message of female empowerment. Blended cultures, sharp observations and overcoming the obstacles of a patriarchal world are at the heart of her lyrical storytelling.

‘Rise’, with its soulful vocal, addresses rising above haters and also highlights the subject of arranged marriage, “Started at eleven I would look up at the heavens and cry/Told me not to think ahead/I was lying in my bed, wondering why/I would never listen, no I had a vision it’s true/And I knew/There’s nothing that I can’t do”. It's a song ultimately of realisation and empowerment.

Initially not showing her face in videos and the original reason for adopting the Tamtam moniker – conservative parents concerned for her challenging stereotypes of Muslim identity - Tamtam is now loudly and proudly writing, singing and speaking out about real issues and will no doubt continue to do so - in a style that’s uniquely her own. 'Rise' is brave, bold and insightful.